Bradford’s latest Development Plan includes the release of the first two fields on the left in Heights Lane (off the mini roundabout), which are in Green Belt. In total, if the plans go ahead, they would accommodate 39 houses.
This would be bad news for lovers of the countryside, those who use this beautiful green space for recreation, the wildlife, farming, and the planet.
Please consider these points;
The area is close to The Prince of Wales Park ( Historic England Grade 2 listed), and its ecology, including bats. Houses, light pollution, noise, and vehicle movements would disturb precious habitats.
The fields are part of a green corridor joining the Moors, the Park and Gilstead moor, which is used by deer and moorland birds. Green corridors protect ecology.
The fields are used for foraging by birds including Little Owls (which live in the drystone walls, and Tawny Owls which roost in the park. They are also part of Bat flights on summer evenings.
Heights Lane is a narrow winding country road which is derestricted. There are no pavements for walkers and runners, the road slopes down to an already very busy mini roundabout, and it is used by large farm vehicles and lorries using the recycling facility in Walsh Lane. Access to a housing development off this road plus increased vehicle movements, would be dangerous. When Dalesway was built, access to Heights lane was not allowed by Bradford Council, due to safety reasons and its obvious unsuitability, and this is still the case.
The Green Belt fields themselves (B14/H and B18/H in the Plan) perform the function of protecting the countryside from urban “sprawl”. More than ever in the past year, we have all appreciated the benefits of green spaces to health and wellbeing. It is up to us to protect our countryside.

We are all aware of the efforts being made to minimise the damage we are doing to our planet. Green fields are vital in their ability to capture and store carbon and CO2. Fields absorb 4 tons of carbon and 3 tons of CO2 per acre per year. To take them away is counter to our zero carbon targets. And in the context of climate change, we need fields to absorb the increase in rainfall and minimise flooding both here in Eldwick, and downhill into Bingley.
Bradford are asking for suggestions for development land, and would have no need to use Green Belt if brown field or redevelopment sites were available eg, recent changes in work practices could be releasing office buildings for development into housing. If you are aware of any alternatives to using Green Belt, please include them in your objection.
The consultation period (Feb 8th to March 24th) during a lockdown has meant that no plans have been available in libraries etc as is usual, and no community meetings have been allowed. This means that individuals are being called upon through social media and door to door leafleting. Please use this opportunity to make your voice heard. If plans progress to the next stage, it may be too late.
Objections to the proposed development, should be sent to or by post to

BMDC Planning Service, 4th floor, Britannia House, Hall Ings, Bradford, BD1 1HX

by 24th March 2021, quoting sites B14/H and B18/H.

Please act now to preserve the countryside.

Every objection counts!